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Dr Harvey Feinman

BA MA PhD(Clinical Psychology)   Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Director – Internet Psychology

Psychology and the Internet

Dr Feinman joined the company as Director for Internet Psychology in November 2000. He advises the board on Internet customer psychology, user behaviourial analysis and content strategies.

Dr Feinman is a licensed Psychologist in United States, California and has been providing counseling and consulting services to individuals and organizations since 1978. In addition, he is licensed as a Marriage and Family Therapist and has extensive experience in many areas of mental health and substance abuse treatment. He received a BA from Brandeis University before attending the California School of Professional Psychology where he earned an MA and a PhD in Clinical Psychology.

Dr Feinman has been a consultant to various organizations and businesses. He has served on the Advisory Board of the Armed Services YMCA and is currently on the Medical Board of MedTrak Electronics, a company that manufactures medical monitoring equipment. He is listed in the publications, Who's Who in California and Outstanding Young Men in America. He has contributed articles to newspaper columns on family issues and has been a frequent speaker on talk radio programs discussing mental health topics.

Dr Feinman's experience includes serving as director and CEO of the Feinman-Lightner Psychological Corporation, an out-patient mental health center; the clinical director of Alliance Alcohol Services, an intensive substance abuse treatment program; and Director of Psychological Services for both Southwood Day Treatment Center and the YMCA Project Oz counseling center for adolescents and families. In addition to providing direct services to clients, he has helped train numerous professionals and interns and has been a professor at National University.

He is currently on staff at Tri-City Hospital's mental health unit.

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