Updated: April 23, 2012

April 13, 2012

Wyith gets re-accredited as NIC.IT's registrar for Italian (.it) domain names. More from DomainAvenue.com

January 14, 2011

Wyith becomes the first dot-LA registrar in Hong Kong maintaining Laos (.la) domain names. More from DomainAvenue.com

May 28, 2010

Third-level domain names in msk.ru, spb.ru, nov.ru and other Russian geographical domains now available! More from DomainAvenue.com

April 4, 2010

Dot-NZ registration soon available in the native Maori language. More details from TheMultilinguals.com

April 1, 2010

Dot-TEL will soon be available in 16 languagues, including CJK, Danish, Russian and Spanish. More details from TheMultilinguals.com

February 28, 2010

Russian domains in Cyrillic soon available! Sunrise Phase 2 starts in May 2010. More from TheMultilinguals.com

February 26, 2010

Sunrise for dot-CO (Columbia) starts in April. More from DomainAvenue.com

January 6, 2010

Webserver upgrade completes! All client servers now supports PHP5 and MySQL v14. More from DomainAvenue.com

December 15, 2009

Global mail exchange failover solution now available in the UK, Canada, and Hongkong. Contact us for details

December 1, 2009

Natural disaster contingency, global DNS failover solution now available in selected areas. Contact us for details

July 20, 2009

Web/mailserver upgrade commences, all client servers supporting PHP4 are expected to be phased out by Q1 2010. More from DomainAvenue.com

January 29, 2009

dot-TEL (complementing the .mobi) is coming. More from DomainAvenue.com

June 6, 2008

Wyith is now officially a registrar for dot-PH, Philippines (.ph). More from DomainAvenue.com

November 13, 2007

Dot-Asia sunrise phase SR2b, 2c and SR3 for Asian trademark holders and registered entities opens! More from DomainAvenue.com

October 9, 2007

Earlybird sunrise phase SR2a now opens for Asian (.asia) domain registrations! More from DomainAvenue.com

September 11, 2007

Wyith becomes Authorized Partner of NIC-RU, Regional Network Information Center of Russia, the official registrar for Russian (.ru) and the former Soviet Union (.su) domain names. More from DomainAvenue.com

November 17, 2006

Wyith becomes Service Partner of HKDNR and starts to provide Chinese domain names (.hk) in Hong Kong. More from DomainAvenue.com

October 4, 2006

Wyith becomes the first NIC.AT registrar in Hong Kong maintaining Austrian (.at) domain names. More from DomainAvenue.com

September 20, 2006

Wyith becomes the first HK-based AFNIC registrar for France (.fr) and Reunion Island (.re) domain names. More from DomainAvenue.com

August 14, 2006

As the first HK-based authorized reseller of dot-VN, the official registrar for the Vietnam Network Information Center, Wyith now accepts Vietnam (.vn) registrations! More from DomainAvenue.com

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Professor Sidney J Gluck

Honorary Director and Advisor

Professor Emeritus
New School for Social Research

US-China People's Friendship Association

Sholom Aleichem Memorial Foundation

For fifty years, Professor Gluck has pursued concurrent careers in business, education, the arts and public interest advocacy. He was educated at the City College of New York in Business Administration and Economics, The New York School of Textile Technology in Fabric Technology and Design, the New School for Social Research in History, Art and Philosophy and a Masters/PhD program in Political Economy at its Graduate Faculty. He also earned a degree in Political Science at the Empire State College of New York.

His business career, starting in the late 1930's, was interrupted by assignments to special projects during World War II and was responsible for a number of developments: introduced the heat set method to stabilize uneven nylon fibers for parachutes; initiated spun glass/fiber laminates with epoxy for bullet-proof vests (now used for small boats). A subsidy from Catalina Mills helped establish his own company, Malibu Textiles, a leading innovator in rubber thread stretch fabrics. He won several textile-related patents during this period.

Later, as a consultant, he served major firms such as Canadian Celanese Corporation (reorganized elastic fabric weaving operation), Burlington Mills and Textiles Morelos de Cuernavaca, Mexico, (established stretch yarn spinning and weaving venture); and Darlington Fabrics (created generic Antron/Spandex fabric still used in swimsuits). As President and CEO of London-based Staflex International, Ltd., he introduced fusible interlinings revolutionizing garment construction in the USA. On "retiring" in the mid 70's, he purchased Royal Studios and specialized in decorative fabric design, technology and management and subsequently created a print-converting division for Kravet Fabrics, who he now serves as Development Consultant for the creation of new base fabrics.

In the field of education Professor Gluck was Chairman of the Economics and Politics Department of the Jefferson School of Social Science; adjunct Professor of Economics at Ramapo College School of Social Relations; and has been a member of the Social Science Faculty of the New School for Social Research in New York (now known as New School University) for twenty years. He has also taught at textile institutes including Parsons School of Design, Fashion Institute of Technology, Philadelphia College of Textile Science, and the New York School for Interior Design.

As an artist, Professor Gluck has exhibited works in painting, photography, and fabric design at MIT and Parsons among other galleries. One photgraphic show titled Children in New York Subway has been exhibited in eight museums in Russia and the USA. His latest professional portraits, transformed by computer and printed in oil-enhanced inks on canvas, had a most successful first of its kind exhibit at the National Arts Club in September 1997.

In the area of political advocacy, Professor Gluck organized opposition to exorbitant bail for political defendants and the elimination of chauvinistic crime reporting. He organized the Live and Let Live movement which turned public sentiment from the brink of war with China over Quemoy and Matsu, the island outposts of Taiwan (a precursor of SANE). The Live and Let Live seven-point program was used by President Nixon in opening relations with China. Later, Professor Gluck was Treasurer of committees for Medical Aid to Cuba and Chairman of the Emergency Committee for Disaster Relief to Cuba (Hurricane Flora, 1963) and he garnered public opposition to USA invasion and occupation of Grenada during the Cold War. He was Co-Director of World Fellowship of Faiths with Dr. Willard Uphaus from 1957 to 1967. For many years, Professor Gluck has worked to support affirmative action, including newspaper ad campaigns which he initiated.

He is currently President of the Sholom Aleichem Memorial Foundation; a member of the Eastern Economic Association (EEA) and the Union for Radical Political Economists (URPE) and Co-Chairman of the US-China Society of Friends. He hosts a public access TV Show in New York on Pacific Rim News Review in its sixth year, which is syndicated, and he is a regular contributor to news analysis on radio.

Among his past affiliations are: Board member, International Committee for the Dance Library of Israel; Co-President of the US-China People's Friendship Association, New York Chapter, and Chairman for Outreach Member, Advisory Committee of Technion University, Israel; American Association of Textile Colorists and Chemists (AATCC); and a Secretary of the National Emergency Civil Liberties Committee which merged with the Center for Constitutional Rights.

China related studies and activities

Professor Gluck has taught Political and Economic Science for over fifty years, specializing in Classical Marxism (including Dialectical Materialism), and has made a special study of China since the inception of its modern government. For over 20 years he lectured on a comprehensive series of these subjects at the New School for Social Research. He received weekly, monthly and quarterly publications from Beijing (Peking) in English and has followed the twists and turns of modern Chinese history from Maoism and its relations to Russian Communism, through Chou En Lai's diplomatic protection of advocacy of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics, to Deng Xiaoping's Modernization and Opening to the West and Jiang Zemin's reforms and advance to globalization.

In 1955, Professor Gluck organized the Live and Let Live movement which turned public sentiment from the brink of war with China over Quemoy and Matsu, the island outposts of Taiwan (a precursor of SANE). The Live and Let Live seven-point program was used by President Nixon in opening relations with China, having been transmitted to the President through Professor Gluck's association as economic advisor to a Chinese American businessman who headed the Nationalities Committee of the Republican Party at the time.

As a professional business consultant, Professor Gluck has followed the structural changes from a command economy to a market economy with "Socialist" regulations and their effects on the population.

He has visited China a number of times. In fact, the Minister of Culture extended the privilege to take photographic portraits of the Terra Cotta Soldiers in the pit of the Museum in Xian that have been widely exhibited, as have photo essays of people, historic places, and construction.

He has lectured extensively on the restructuring of Chinese society and written articles which have appeared in the Beijing Press and the United States. Professor Gluck has an in-depth knowledge of the ideological gyrations and theories which have motivated changes in China's modern history. He hosts a public access TV show in New York on Pacific Rim New Review in its sixth year which is syndicated and is also a regular contributor to news analysis on radio. His insights encompass differences between Japanese and USA capitalisms and varied structures of East Asia economies.

Professor Gluck was Co-President of the US-China People's Friendship Association, New York Chapter, until September 1999. He headed its Outreach activity. He is Co-Founder and Chairman of the US-China Society of Friends which is a new membership organization of professionals from various fields interested in exchanges between the two countries. He is also active in programming contacts for Chinese groups visiting the USA and organizing China visits by professional groups from the States. Professor Gluck is regularly invited to speak at Chinese-American community functions.

Professor Gluck joined Wyith's advisory council as the Honorary Director and Advisor in July 2002.

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