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Milestones of innovation

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First HK-based UK Nominet member

Being successfully recognized in Italy, Wyith moved on in 2003 January to become the first and the only Nominet UK Member based in Hong Kong. Nominet UK Limited is the registry for .UK Internet domain names and manage the authoritative database of .UK domain name registrations. Wyith was also the first Tag-Holder in both Hong Kong and the Peoples Republic of China.

Approved registrar of Danish DK-Hostmaster

In the same month January 2003, Wyith gained recognition as the first Hong Kong-based Approved Registrar of .DK ccTLD domain names from the Danish domain name registry, DK-Hostmaster A/S.

Joined HKIRC as member

Wyith also joined as member in February with the Hong Kong Internet Registration Corporation Ltd (HKIRC), a non-profit-making and non-statutory corporation responsible for the administration of Internet domain names under the .HK ccTLD.

Chosen as Verified by Visa Places to Shop

In October 2003, Visa USA chose DomainAvenue.com, Wyith's domain and Web services subsidiary, as a participating online store in the first of its kind Places to Shop, together with 206 other reputable online stores, including such familiar names as Seagate.com, Fujitsu Computer Products, Mamma.com, Fabulous.com, Sharp Electronics, Western Digital etc., DomainAvenue is listed in the USA and International section under the Business Products & Services category. Learn more

First HK-based .VN Vietnam Domain Reseller

Being successfully recognized in a number of European countries, Wyith became the first Hong Kong-based official reseller of the HI-TEK.com d/b/a dotVN, the official registrar for the Vietnam Network Information Center in 2004 September.

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