Updated: April 23, 2012

April 13, 2012

Wyith gets re-accredited as NIC.IT's registrar for Italian (.it) domain names. More from DomainAvenue.com

January 14, 2011

Wyith becomes the first dot-LA registrar in Hong Kong maintaining Laos (.la) domain names. More from DomainAvenue.com

May 28, 2010

Third-level domain names in msk.ru, spb.ru, nov.ru and other Russian geographical domains now available! More from DomainAvenue.com

April 4, 2010

Dot-NZ registration soon available in the native Maori language. More details from TheMultilinguals.com

April 1, 2010

Dot-TEL will soon be available in 16 languagues, including CJK, Danish, Russian and Spanish. More details from TheMultilinguals.com

February 28, 2010

Russian domains in Cyrillic soon available! Sunrise Phase 2 starts in May 2010. More from TheMultilinguals.com

February 26, 2010

Sunrise for dot-CO (Columbia) starts in April. More from DomainAvenue.com

January 6, 2010

Webserver upgrade completes! All client servers now supports PHP5 and MySQL v14. More from DomainAvenue.com

December 15, 2009

Global mail exchange failover solution now available in the UK, Canada, and Hongkong. Contact us for details

December 1, 2009

Natural disaster contingency, global DNS failover solution now available in selected areas. Contact us for details

July 20, 2009

Web/mailserver upgrade commences, all client servers supporting PHP4 are expected to be phased out by Q1 2010. More from DomainAvenue.com

January 29, 2009

dot-TEL (complementing the .mobi) is coming. More from DomainAvenue.com

June 6, 2008

Wyith is now officially a registrar for dot-PH, Philippines (.ph). More from DomainAvenue.com

November 13, 2007

Dot-Asia sunrise phase SR2b, 2c and SR3 for Asian trademark holders and registered entities opens! More from DomainAvenue.com

October 9, 2007

Earlybird sunrise phase SR2a now opens for Asian (.asia) domain registrations! More from DomainAvenue.com

September 11, 2007

Wyith becomes Authorized Partner of NIC-RU, Regional Network Information Center of Russia, the official registrar for Russian (.ru) and the former Soviet Union (.su) domain names. More from DomainAvenue.com

November 17, 2006

Wyith becomes Service Partner of HKDNR and starts to provide Chinese domain names (.hk) in Hong Kong. More from DomainAvenue.com

October 4, 2006

Wyith becomes the first NIC.AT registrar in Hong Kong maintaining Austrian (.at) domain names. More from DomainAvenue.com

September 20, 2006

Wyith becomes the first HK-based AFNIC registrar for France (.fr) and Reunion Island (.re) domain names. More from DomainAvenue.com

August 14, 2006

As the first HK-based authorized reseller of dot-VN, the official registrar for the Vietnam Network Information Center, Wyith now accepts Vietnam (.vn) registrations! More from DomainAvenue.com

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Wyith to offer domain names in traditional and simplified Chinese and other non-English characters

Hongkong - August 1, 2000 - Wyith Incorporated, a top e-business solutions provider in Asia, today announces its plans to offer domain names in Chinese characters and other non-English character based languages.

Go to TheMultilinguals.com and register your multi-lingual names now! They are now working!

As the First Asian Gold Partner of Melbourne IT's Internet Names Worldwide (INWW), Wyith Incorporated will be able to be benefitted from INWW's recent agreement with i-DNS International to register domain names in Chinese characters and in the near future, other non-English character based languages such as Japanese, Arabic, Thai and Tamil. This arrangement allows Wyith Incorporated to provide a truly international Internet experience to its customers.

INWW's parent company, Melbourne IT Ltd., says INWW has become the first domain name registrar to offer the service and also be accredited by ICANN - the non-profit organization which manages the Internet's addressing system.

This new multilingual technology gives Wyith's customers the freedom to capture new e-commerce opportunities by opening web access and domain name registration to the large population of non-English communities without being restricted by language.

Rather than trying to enforce a new multilingual address standard on the already complicated Internet addressing system, the i-DNS technology converts multilingual unicode domain names into ASCII to transmit IP addresses across the Internet. As long as the transmitting server is able to convert an address, the request should reach its destination.

While commercial use of the system is rolling out already, the technology is not yet a global Internet standard, although Wyith and INWW believes it has a good chance of becoming one.

As reported from INWW, this service would be extended to other non-English character languages such as Japanese, Arabic, Thai and Tamil.

Non-executive Director of Wyith and INWW General Manager Clive Flory said the i-DNS technology would will help drive Internet adoption amongst the non-English speaking population.

"We are looking at the birth of the first truly international Internet community where language is no longer a barrier," enthused Flory. "The new system empowers non-English speaking populations to tap into the power of the Internet and e-commerce."

"From a business perspective, it makes the marketing of Web addresses easier and more effective," he added. "Language specific sites can market the addresses of their site in the relevant native written language. All people have to do is type in the domain name in that language."

animated gif

While not widely used in Asia yet, the i-DNS system caused chaos in Hong Kong earlier this year. The attraction of native-language domain names spurred on a new domain name gold rush with speculators rushing to register their Chinese equivalent of a business.com or wine.com investment.

Other I-DNS's Asian partners include HKNet and 3rd Generation Network Information Centre (3gnic) in Hong Kong, TimeNet and the Chinese Registration Company in Taiwan, Portal Science and LGA International in Singapore, and Internet KSC, Loxinfo and CS Internet in Thailand.

When TimeNet launched its services last December, name registrations reportedly reached one per second. At the beginning of the year in Hong Kong, enthusiasm was also high. Suggestions of mass cybersquatting abounded, while i-DNS drew up a dispute resolution policy to deal with conflicts about names reserved through its registry by licensed registrars.

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Founded in 1991, the company is a provider of corporate MIS applications, backend IT services and is a strategic consultant of e-business. The company's wholly owned division, Wyith Limited, is also a world class leader in B2C domain-based services, including domain registrations in over 70 countries, Web hosting and related services. The business has serviced over 40,000 customers worldwide, spanning 110 countries.

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